Fire Studio Classroom Courses

These courses will show you how to get the most out of Fire Studio 6.

1st Day Class: Fire Studio 6 Essentials:

Description: This course will cover all of the essential concepts of Fire Studio 6 from A to Z with an emphasis on creating simulations using custom content. Students will learn how to import their own photos into Fire Studio libraries, build simulations from them, and export the simulations to use on other computers. Strategies for simulation design and realism will also be covered in detail.

Course Topics:

Fire Studio Abilities
Understanding Terminology
Understanding Control Panel Layout & Button Functions
Creating and Working with Libraries
Importing Photos, Video and Layers
Resizing Photos & Videos
Creating a Single View Simulation
Layer Properties
Creating & Saving New Layers
Saving, Loading, and Exporting Simulations
Additional Layer/Animation Editing
Moving & Evolving Layers
Creating a Multi-View Simulation
Using the Masking Tool
Pan & Zoom with the 2 D Camera
Automated & Navigated Simulations
Branching Scenarios
Principles of Successful Simulations

2nd Day Class: Fire Studio 6 Advanced:

The Fire Studio 6 Advanced course focuses on best-practices for simulation implementation in the training environment as well as higher-level scenario design skills. Attendees MUST have taken a recent Essentials course or be highly competent with Fire Studio 6 Instructor Edition.

Course Topics:

Developing Fire Ground Expertise
Recognition-primed decision making
Using Simulations in decision skills training
Best Practices for Using Simulations in Training
Deliberate practice (sets & reps training)
Multi-Unit Simulations
Command Simulations
Simulations in performance-based assessments and evaluations
Advanced Simulation Design and Development Story boarding
Photography and basic photo editing
Simulation Timing
Creating custom clip art (Demonstration)

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Please note that class seats will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Additionally, if you are interested in hosting a Fire Studio Course, or have 10 or more individuals at your own department who require training, please call or email us to discuss further details.

Although classes are mainly intended for users who currently own a license, those who are considering a purchase of the software are also welcome to attend. A full-featured trial of Fire Studio is available to anyone attending the class. Please contact Digital Combustion to download and install the software at least 5 days prior to the day of the class.

Online One-On-One instruction:

We now offer online training via web conference. This is a great way to get live one-on-one training with an instructor without ever leaving your office.

30 Minute Online One-on-One Introduction to Fire Studio 6

$75: Designed for the first-time beginning user of Fire Studio 6. Jump-start your simulation building process! Get an introduction on navigating the interface to begin creating, editing and saving your first simulation with one of our our Tech Support Team members.

Schedule your 30 minute appointment and pay by credit card by clicking HERE.

2 Hour Online One-on-One Essentials Overview


$120: Online Instruction via web conference with one of our advanced instructors. Learn the Essentials of Fire Studio 6. This 2 hour live online training session will give you the skills necessary to start using Fire Studio 6 to its full potential. Learn how to create and save multi-slide simulations. Export your simulations and use them on other computers running Fire Studio 6. Learn how to create keyboard triggered events. Use custom backgrounds and text to fully customize your simulations. Ask questions during your session. The goal of this Essentials class is to give you the skills necessary to be comfortable building basic simulations for your training program with a much shorter learning curve. You can also purchase additional sessions if needed. A second 2-hour session would focus on advanced  features of Fire Studio 6.

Schedule your 2 hour appointment and pay by credit card by clicking HERE.