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Q: What is the difference between the Instructor and Player Edition?

A: The Instructor Edition is our flagship software package. It has EVERYTHING you need to create and play back your simulations.

The Player Edition is used to play back any simulations that were made on the Instructor Edition. The Player Edition is used to play your simulations on additional computers. It is also very useful for those preparing for a promotional exam when used with our pre-made Simulation Packs.

Q: Are my Fire Studio 5 simulations compatible with the Fire Studio 6?

A: Yes! Your Fire Studio 5 simulations can be opened in Fire Studio 6. You cannot use simulations from Fire Studio 1.x/2.x/3.x/4.x with Fire Studio 6. To incorporate all of the new features for the new version, we sometimes need to cut off support of older versions. Keep in mind, Fire Studio has been around for over 12 years. With the huge advancements in computer technology, it is best to be using the most current version.

Q: Does Fire Studio work on a Mac?

A: Yes, there is a Mac version of Fire Studio 6.

Q: Can I install the software on more than one computer?

A: By default, we allow 1 activation per license. We understand that some users use different computers at different times. Call to check on special pricing on additional licenses for that purpose. If you need to run the software on several system concurrently, you will need to purchase additional licenses.

Q: I've purchased and installed the software, but it says there is a time limit?

A:Fire Studio 6 has a limited time trial built into the program. You can use the software, with all features enabled, for 2 weeks without needing an Internet connection or any special serial number. The trial edition is save and load disabled. This means you will be able to use all of the powerful features of Fire Studio 6, but will not be able to save or load simulations. Finally, we always suggest that our customers run the program at least once as a trial before using the serial number to activate to ensure it works properly.

Q: Where is my serial number for activation?

A: The serial number is on your invoice or sales receipt email. You should keep this number in a safe place as you may need to activate the software again in the future. In the event that you lose this number, you will need to submit a request in writing to Digital Combustion to obtain a new one. Please contact us for details on what to include in this letter and method of delivery. It will be imperative for us to locate the original purchase in our records and verify the recipient as a representative of the license holder in order to issue a new serial number.

Q: Will I need to use a Player Edition to play-back simulations?

A: The Instructor Edition can both create and play-back simulations. If you need the ability to run Fire Studio on several computers at once, you’ll need multiple licenses, either in the form of more Instructors or Players.

Q: Can I still buy version 5?

A: We may still offer version 5 for a limited time. We do not sell any version prior to 5.

Q: Can I move my Fire Studio install from one computer to another?

A: Yes. Refer to the user manual for instructions.

Q: My department’s computers are all on a network, can I put Fire Studio on a server which students would be able to access from a workstation?

A: Fire Studio is not designed to work across a network in this way. Nor is it designed to be installed remotely. You will need to install and run Fire Studio on the machine the students will use. The Communication Link software (sold separately) can control these installations across a network or the internet, but Fire Studio will still need to be manually installed on all machines. Exchanging custom files and simulations across a network or having a mapped drive pointing to a folder on the server are possibilities some users have explored. We cannot offer technical support in this matter. Please inquire with your IT department about setting up mapped folders.

Q: My department won’t let us write anything to our computers’ hard disk drive. Can I run it off an external device?

A: Fire Studio must be installed on the hard disc of your computer prior to operating. Also, you will not be able to install onto an external hard drive or flash drive and carry this device to other computers to use.

Q: (Fire Studio 5 only) The serial number I entered into the Site Key field doesn't work.

A: The serial number sent to you need to be entered under Electronic Registration. Please refer to the Installation guide for detailed instructions.

Q: My simulations are really choppy and seem to pause at some points. My previous version of Fire Studio worked fine, why doesn’t this one?

A: The newer versions of Fire Studio are very different from previous versions and requires more horsepower from your computer. Systems capable of running previous versions may not be enough to run version 5 or 6 at the level you require. Your solution is either to tone down the amount of animations and video you use in your simulations, or upgrade your computer hardware to satisfy the System Requirements of version 5/6. Refer to the Performance Notes section in the manual for additional information.

Q: I don’t hear sound from my AVI video that I’ve imported.

A: Capturing sound into video may require a specific configuration in Windows. Refer to the Installation Guide that came with your software for details. In some cases, your audio hardware may not be compatible with DirectSound or have the appropriate drivers installed to play or capture sound properly. We suggest attempting to install new sound drivers to clear up the issue.

Q: (Fire Studio 4.0 only) I receive an error message similar to: “Cannot initialize FSI.SYS.”

A: If you receive their error message, you will need to make a minor adjustment to the Fire Studio 4.0 desktop icon. Right-click on the icon and select Properties. In the Start In field, type in the full path where you installed Fire Studio 4: for example C:\Fire Studio 4\ You should be able to run Fire Studio 4 normally now. This issue has been addressed in version 4.1.

Q: (Fire Studio 4.0 only) I receive an error message similar to: “Cannot locate OpenAL32.DLL.”

A: Usually occurring on Vista systems, if you receive this error message, you need to manually install the OpenAL and DirectX9 drivers. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to your Fire Studio folder, and open the Dev folder located within. For default installations, this will be C:\Fire Studio 4\Dev. Within that folder, there will be an OpenALwEAX file. Double-click on that file to launch the installation. Once that is complete, go into the DirectX9 folder, and double-click on the DXSETUP file. This will install the DirectX9 drivers necessary to Fire Studio 4.0. Once this installation is complete, you should be able to run Fire Studio 4 normally.

Q: (Fire Studio 4.1 only) I receive an error message similar to: “OpenAL failed to initialize. Please install new sound drivers.”

A: This error arises when your sound drivers are incompatible with the DirectX sound drivers used by Fire Studio. Updating your sound drivers may resolve the issue, but if not, please contact Digital Combustion for a revised DLL file that will correct this issue.

Q: (Fire Studio 4/4.1) I’ve placed my background image in the right place and see it in the Media Panel but it won’t let me add it to the simulation.

A: Fire Studio 4/4.1 has an upper ceiling of 2048×2048 for picture size, beyond which the photo will either not load or cause problems. Neither dimension of the picture may exceed that value. You can easily find out the exact dimensions of your pictures by viewing the files from Windows Explorer® with the Views mode set to Tiles. The Views icon is located at the top of Explorer® just to the right of Folders. Any photo you have of this size or larger should be resized down to 1024×768. Unlike version 3.0, you do not have to be concerned with the ratio of the image.

Q: (Fire Studio 4.0 only) I just exported a simulation, but when I went to import it, there is nothing there. I exported a simulation, but now when I go to load it, it is blank.

A: When using the Export Simulation function in the File Menu, Fire Studio 4.0 will export the currently LOADED simulation. If you select a different simulation from the File Menu list and select Export Simulation, you will OVERWRITE THAT SIMULATION!! If you currently don’t have any simulation loaded, you will overwrite the simulation with a blank simulation!! Be certain that you are exporting to the current name or to an entirely unique name before executing this command. You will not receive a confirmation notice or warning within Fire Studio 4.0. These issues have been addressed in Fire Studio 4.1.

Q: (Fire Studio 4) I receive an error saying "Unable to locate d3dx9_30.dll."

A: To install DirectX properly, you will need to be logged into Windows with an account that has full, local administrator privileges. Download DirectX 9 from Microsoft. Here is the link: this link doesn’t work, you will need to do a search for DirectX 9.0c. The Web Installer version may work for you, but if not, try the Redistributable for Software Developers.

Note: Fire Studio 4 will not run properly using Intel Graphics Chipsets, as they do not have enough power to display the graphics adequately. If installing DirectX does not clear this message, please confirm the type of graphics chipset or video card you are using.

Q: I receive an error saying "DirectX failed to initialize. Please install DirectX."

A: In almost all cases, this error occurs when the video card or graphics chipset you are using in your system does not meet the minimum requirements of the software. Typically, most customers who get this error are using an Intel graphics chipset, which is not sufficient to run Fire Studio 4. If you’re using a desktop, you can simply purchase a new video card and insert it into the system. If you’re using a laptop, it is unlikely that you can upgrade the chipset, and will need to use a different computer.