Simulation Packs

Do you want to jump-start your Fire Studio simulation program? Sim Packs are the perfect way to quickly get your simulation program off the ground, or enhance your existing program. Each Sim Pack includes 20 single-view simulations designed to take you through the first 10 minutes of an incident. Each professionally designed sim will allow you to practice the all-important initial report of the first-in company officer. These simulations will also help you to create your own simulations, using these as a template. Simpacks are available for immediate download for only $99 each.

Simulation Pack 1

Sim1-3Story: 3 story apartment with smoke/fire showing from the 3rd floor. Sound included.

Sim2-PowerPlant: Large Power Plant fire with explosions. Sound included.

Sim3-5StoryBrick: Brick apartments with well-involved upper floors.

Sim4-BigRigCrash: Large big crashed with leak and victim. 

Sim5-TC1: Two car collision with moving victim. 

Sim6-Bus Crash: Overturned School Bus. 

Sim7-2StoryHouse: House fire 2nd floor with trash can involvement on ground. 

Sim8-CarFireApartment: Small pick-up fire into garage. 

Sim9-Multi-Story: Multi-Story condo/apartments with multiple floor involvement. No Sound.

Sim10-MainStreet: Fire on Main Street, USA. Sound included.

Sim11-3StoryBrickRow: Brick row house fire in upper floor. Sound included.

Sim12-Refinery: Large refinery fire. 

Sim13-NightSim: Multi-story brick building with fire on upper floor, at night.

Sim14-4StoryCondo: Multi-story condo fire on balcony. There is a timed spread that increases the smoke/fire.

Sim15-JetCrash: Jetliner crash on city street.

Sim16-SmallBrickHouse: Small brick house with fire on upper floor/attic.

Sim17-CaliHouse: 2 Story house with upper floor bedroom fire.

Sim18-BrickLow: Single story brick building. Room/contents fire.

Sim19-Brick Corner: 3 Story building with fire on the 3rd floor.

Sim20-crackhouse: Possible drug house with green smoke. Victims inside.

Simulation Pack 2

S1-Wildland: Wildland Fire with house exposure.

Keyboard shortcut #1 fire to spread toward house.

S2-BikesTC: Traffic collision involving 2 child victims.

S3-Timed House: Timed house fire with spread into attic.

S4-Smoking Box: Smoking box with red smoke in industrial building complex.

S5-BigApartments: Apartment complex with fire on 1st and 2nd story.

S6-Abandoned: Multi- Story abandoned building with fire on upper floor. Includes sound.

S7-6StoryBrick: Multi-Story brick building with fire on 6th floor. Includes sound.

S8-Barn: Well involved barn fire.

S9-Mid-Rise: Multi-Story building with fire on multiple floors.

S10-RepairGarage: Well involved repair garage.

S11-Gas Station: Fire in gas station. Roof collapse and timed fuel fire spread.

S12-Exposure: Abandoned residential house with exposure.

S13-BasementHouse: Residential basement fire. Timed spread.

S14-Apartments: 2nd story apartment fire. Includes camera zoom out.

S15-Mobile Home: Fast moving mobile home fire. Timed spread.

S16-RVs: Fire in RV storage yard. Includes camera zoom in.

S17-Propane Leake: Propane leak at rental yard. KEYBOARD 1 adds fire to the leak. KEYBOARD 2 removes the fire. Includes sound.

S18-Garage Fire: Single story residential garage fire.

S19-Medical Building: 7 Story building with fire on the 7th floor. Timed explosion. Includes sound.

S20-Tire Warehouse: Tire Warehouse fire through the roof