Fire Studio 6

Fire Studio is a professional software tool that allows you to create simulations for fire, hazmat, and other emergency simulations. It is designed to give you the freedom to create the type of incidents your organization will face and then use a simulation to prepare for it. Fire Departments, academies, military institutions, colleges, and other government organizations from around the world currently use Fire Studio for their simulation training.

At the heart of Fire Studio lay its most important feature: importing custom digital photos. With Fire Studio, you can take digital pictures of structures in your local area, import them into the

software, create a simulated incident, and then use your simulation to train personnel. It doesn’t matter if it’s a residential house, oil platform, commercial jetliner, or fast food restaurant, if it can burn, smoke, leak, or explode, it belongs in Fire Studio. Fire Studio is an “All Hazard Simulator”. Fire Studio is now available for Windows AND Mac!

Runs on Windows and Mac

Fire Studio 6 is now available for Window and Mac. Also, the Fire Studio 6 iPad Player is available Apple App Store now!

Point-and-Click Interface

The interface of Fire Studio 6 was created to give you the tools you need – when you need them. A unique point-and-click design takes simplicity to a new level. VERY user-friendly.

Add Your Own Pictures

Import photos from your own area. Include target hazards, industrial and haz-mat locations, aircraft, vehicles, high-rise buildings and more. If you can take a picture of it, you can import it into Fire Studio 6. We even include many different types of backgrounds to get you started.

Smoke Design

Fire Studio 6 includes nearly 40 different types of ultra-realistic smoke. Within the program, you are able to modify many different parameters of every smoke column, including size, speed, color, density, and direction. This allows you to create literally thousands of different smoke columns for use in your simulations.


Fire Studio 6 also includes a huge selection of different types of fire. Each fire layer is fully customizable to achieve the most realistic look possible.

Masking Tool

With the built-in masking tool, you are able to place smoke and fire behind an object in your photo. This could be a sign, a parapet on a roof or anywhere you want the fire and smoke to appear to be behind something.


Fire Studio 6 has a powerful Event System. You can attach an Event to every layer that you add to the screen. An Event can tie a specific action to a layer. It can tell the layer when and how to appear, how long to appear and when to disappear. This can be setup as a timed Event, or a user-defined keyboard shortcut.

Motion Video Clip-Art

Digital Combustion is the only simulator that has our exclusive Video Clip-Art. These layers include adult and child victims, firefighters doing tasks, flags showing wind direction and more. You are able to resize and position these highly realistic video layers into your own scene in Fire Studio 6.


Add timeframes to each Slide. Create a fully automated simulation based on the incident. This is very useful when you must create a simulation that runs exactly the same each time that it is played.


Add explosions to any simulation. We’ve included multiple types of explosions including aerial, ground, flash, dust and many more. Control each explosion via keyboard shortcut or timer. Sounds are also included!


Create many different types of Haz-Mat incidents. Use the included vapor and liquid leaks. Place placards on buildings and vehicles. Show an aerial view of a vapor leak using satellite photos imported into Fire Studio 6.

Text and Navigation

Add text and navigation to your simulations. Create onscreen navigation paths for an interactive simulation. Create onscreen test questions. Allow students to click an action and then see the result of that action.