Fire Studio 5

Fire Studio is a professional software tool that allows you to create simulations for fire, hazmat, and other emergency simulations. It is designed to give you the freedom to create the type of incidents your organization will face and then use a simulation to prepare for it. Fire Departments, academies, military institutions, colleges, and other government organizations from around the world currently use Fire Studio for their simulation training.

At the heart of Fire Studio lay its most important feature: importing custom digital photos. With Fire Studio, you can take digital pictures of structures in your local area, import them into the software, create a simulated incident, and then use your simulation to train personnel. It doesn’t matter if it’s a residential house, oil platform, commercial jetliner, or fast food restaurant, if it can burn, smoke, leak, or explode, it belongs in Fire Studio. Fire Studio is an "All Hazard Simulator". Fire Studio is now available for Windows AND Mac!

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Fire Studio 5 Instructor Manual

Fire Studio 5 Manual in PDF format.