Command Training Centers

Fire Studio is quickly becoming the simulator of choice for Command Training Centers across the United States. Blue Card Command has built their highly successful training curriculum around Fire Studio, so many regional training centers are building multi-screen setups of Fire Studio.

The following is a partial list of organizations using multi-screen setups of Fire Studio and Commlink:

Chicago Fire Department
Clay Fire Territory
Greenville FD, City of (NC)
Fisher’s FD
Olympia FD
Montgomery County FRS
Overland Park FD
Chandler FD
Pelham FD
Sacramento Metro FD
Peoria FD
Skaneateles FD
Arvada FPD
Oakland County FD
LA City
Long Beach FD
Resolve Marine Group
Vincennes University
Carson City FD
Prince William County
Phoenix FD
Aurora Fire Training
Roseville FD (CA)
City of Edmonton
Vancouver FD (WA)
Gwinnet County Gov’t
Fort Worth FD
Union Colony Fire Rescue Authority
Los Angeles County FD
Colerain TWP FD
Glendale FD (AZ)
Costa Mesa FD
Greenwood FD
Gila River Indian Community
Cleveland Fire Brigade @[email protected]
Allen FD
Edmond FD OK
Fairfax County FD
Verizon Business
Central Yavapai FD
Hong Kong Fire Services
Anne Arundel County FD
Graham Fire & Rescue
MSB-myndigheten Sandö
Suncor Energy Canada

Hong Kong Fire Services
East Rutherford FD
Barrie Fire & Emergency Service
Humberside Fire & Rescue UK
Loudon County (VA)
Suffolk Fire & Rescue UK
Oakland FD
Alexandria FD
West Metro FPD
Scott Goodwin Associates
Reno FD
Mid-State Technical College
Green Bay FD
Fort Wayne FD
CAL FIRE / TCU Training
The Woodlands Fire Dept
College of the Redwoods
Irving Fire Dept
Gainesville Fire Rescue
Jukka Ekholm
Feuerwehr Bad Homburg
Orland FPD
Birmingham Fire & Rescue
Bloomington FD (IL)
Atlanta Technical College
City of Fresno FD
Pierce County FD
Prince William County
Tacoma FD
Bristol Kendall FPD
Cape Girardeau FD
Tempe FD
Delhi TWP FD
DC Fire & EMS Dept
Lawrence FD, City of (IN)
Charlotte FD Training
Estrella Mountain Comm College
Tucson FD
Hull FD
Bedfordshire & Luton Fire & Rescue UK
Peter Stanley Training UK
Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute
Gilbert Fire Dept
Weaverville Fire District
Loveland Fire Rescue
Berwyn FD
London FD

Compton FD
Alexandria FD
Vail Fire Dept
Arlington FD WA
Mt. Holly Fire District 1
Eastern Oklahoma CO Tech Ctr
Decatur FD (TX)
Kent FD (WA)
Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue UK
James City County FD
Lisbon FD (WI)
Baltimore City FD (MD)
Livermore Pleasanton FD
Manassas, City of (VA)
El Paso Robles, City of (CA)
Belleville FD @[email protected]
North Slope Borough
North Las Vegas FD
Sun Lakes Fire District
Richmond Fire & EMS (VA)
Coronado FD
Eureka FD
Mesa FD / Public Safety Training Academy
Gaston College
Ventura County Community College / Oxnard College
El Paso Community College
East Point FD
Eden Prairie FD
Caldwell FD
Dubuque County Firefighter’s Assoc.
Meridian FD
Torrance FD
Albuquerque FD
Iowa City FD
Whitefish FD
City of Elyria
Cherry Hill FD
Eagle FD (ID)
Littleton Colorado FD
Oswego FPD
Howard County Fire Rescue
Arlington FD (TX)
Delaware State Fire School
Mississauga FD
Brevard County
Haltom City Fire Rescue
Dumfries and Galloway Fire Rescue