Welcome to Digital Combustion

Digital Combustion has been setting the standard for fire simulation software for over 12 years. In that time, we have developed the most realistic all-hazard simulator on the planet. Fire Studio 5 will help to improve your department’s incident safety and stability. There are other inferior fire simulators on the market. There is only one Fire Studio 5. Now available for Windows AND Mac! (And playing on the iPad)

Fire Studio 5

Fire Studio 5. A new era of software for All-Hazard Incident Management. A fire simulator that is so realistic, you might forget that it’s a simulation. Other simulation products look like toys next to Fire Studio 5. After over 12 years of refinement, it is our most powerful, easy to use software ever. It is designed to develop better decision - making skills, and to ultimately improve incident outcome and reduce firefighter injuries and death.

Pre-Made Simulations

How would you like to get a jump-start on your simulation creation? Simulation Pack 1 and Simulation Pack 2 are now available! These packs each contain 20 different single-view simulations produced by Digital Combustion. LIMITED TIME ONLY-WEB SALE! $49!!!